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About Us

What is HILOA?

(our donors)

(economically vulnerable)

(sound & green units)

High Income

  • All capital for land, construction, and projected reserves is secured prior to ground breaking 

  • Private grant and private foundation funding

  • Public grant funding (federal, state, and municipal)

  • Private donations

Low Income 

  • Less fortunate families lease the affordable units

  • HILOA defines "Low Income" according to the AMI where our developments are located

  • "Affordability" usually ranges from ELI to 50% of AMI

    • ELI - extremely low income​

    • AMI - area median income

Affordable and Sustainable Housing

  • Modern green energy efficiencies result in lower expenses for the resident families

  • $0 debt servicing expense

  • Financial output of the property after full leasing adds to funding (free cash flow) for future HILOA projects

We build affordable, energy-efficient residential housing for families

HILOA is an IRS Section 501c3 nonprofit organization established in Virginia. We build affordable, green-certified residences:

  • Environmental Building Design to Certification Standards

  • Environmentally Sound  Construction Materials

  • Energy Efficient Infrastructure (Water and Electricity)

  • 100% of the units are affordable


  • Safe and clean air and  water
  • Walkable Communities
  • Access to essential elements for living (nutritional, medical, dental, educational, recreational, cultural, etc.)


  • On-site renewable power generation
  • On-site power storage
  • Energy-efficient construction design and construction materials
  • Parking equipped for EV charging


  • Affordable rents

  • Minimized utility costs

  • Walkability with easy access to multiple modes of public transportation

  • Proximity to employment opportunities

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