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Brick Wall Building


Our Mission



The HILOA team includes experts in the critical fields of energy and construction. Renewable energy expertise is comprised of solar power (photovoltaics and shingles), on-site energy storage, and bio renewables. Our team also has experience with the latest resilient and strong construction materials including graphene and nano glass. Additionally, HILOA is well prepared to implement the most  up-to-date practices in water conservation.


We develop our complexes to maintain healthy indoor environments. HILOA works to deliver self-contained units (including washer/dryer) with energy saving appliances, with water efficiency and conservation, with smoke and carbon monoxide detection, and with EV charging equipped parking.


HILOA strives to place developments in the most walkable communities - within walking distance of the essential elements of human existence. Along with walkability, HILOA works to deliver units on sites with access to multiple modes of public transportation.

HILOA Housing is committed to developing affordable green housing in well-established, urban areas for families who can least afford it, enabling them to access resources that will foster their economic growth. We aim to provide affordable housing in areas that are otherwise inaccessible to our clients - opening up access to quality employment, education, medical care, food, cultural opportunities etc.  HILOA consciously chooses locations that provide both tangible and intangible benefits to our residents, giving them greater opportunities to build economic independence. 


We are also committed to the earth's climate. We aspire to keep HILOA’s environmental impact to a minimum. The housing we build incorporates rigorous environmental specifications to facilitate the production of the most environmentally sustainable residential units possible. The associated savings are delivered directly to resident families in the form of lower monthly rents and lower utility bills.


Our business model includes securing all project capital funding and reserves from grants (public and private) and donations (cash, land, and volunteer time) prior to the start of construction.  This business model component allows HILOA to avoid debt servicing expenses further enabling lower rents.  All rents collected are used for operating expenses and maintaining reserves. Income in excess operating expenses and reserves contributes directly to future HILOA developments.


HILOA Housing is a 501c3 IRS Certified, minority owned nonprofit organization. All contributions are fully tax deductible.

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