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Work Desk

Meet the Team

The HILOA Team is a group of seasoned business, engineering, and real estate professionals with at least 35 years of performance excellence in her or his respective fields. The HILOA professionals are also passionate about helping less fortunate families.  The team is 100% volunteer to this point. 

Ardith Collins

Founder and Executive Leadership

  • Founder, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Board Chair

  • With over 40 years of experience in banking, information technology,  telecommunications, and real estate investment, Ardith serves as the visionary founder and executive leader of HILOA. As CEO and Board Chair, Ardith provides strategic direction, oversees organizational objectives, and ensures the alignment of initiatives with the core mission.

David Kirk

Design and Infrastructure

  • Chief of Architecture, Engineering, and Design Officer

  • David Kirk is an architect and an entrepreneur who has been at the helm of the architectural firm he founded for several decades. As Chief Architecture, Engineering, and Design Officer, David brings expertise to the development process. David ensures HILOA projects adhere to high safety, sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal standards.

Jefferson Younger

Operations and Technology

As the COO, Jefferson, a successful entrepreneur, ensures efficient project execution and enhances organizational processes. His CIO duties include spearheading the technological components of HILOA, including implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) in all aspects of environmental sustainability and operations and overseeing all activities associated with closing the digital divide.

 Wille Pratt

Financial Oversight

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Secretary, Treasurer

  • U.S. Army Colonel (Ret.) with expertise and extensive experience in finance and accounting, in the capacity of CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer, brings financial acumen to HILOA. Wille manages financial resources, ensures fiscal responsibility, and fosters financial sustainability to support our initiatives.

Diane Wilson

Communications and Advocacy

  • Chief Communications Officer, Donor Funding Sustainability

  • Diane holds the critical and pivotal role of shaping the public image of HILOA. Diane oversees communication strategies, advocates for policy reforms, and engages with stakeholders to promote understanding and support for the HILOA mission.

The HILOA Housing Team includes professional experts in each of the following fields:

Accounting - At HILOA, accurate, transparent, and timely recording of all financial transactions is essential for the nonprofit organization. The standard ensures that the organization's finances are managed responsibly and ethically and that its donors and stakeholders can have confidence in its financial reporting.


HILOA retains an external auditing firm, Selby PLLC, to review our books annually, prepare reports to our stakeholders on the financial condition of the business, and prepare and deliver all tax filings. For more information on the HILOA accounting policies, practices, and procedures click here. (May, I'll send the additional information separately)


Architecture - HILOA expertise is in the areas of energy efficiency to minimize the carbon footprint and help reduce monthly operating costs, functional design for ease of use by the occupants, and quality construction with durable and long-lasting materials to maximize property value over time.


Developer (residential and commercial) - The HILOA team includes a creative problem solver with a  track record in developing and managing properties that meet the  market needs and contribute to the community. Displays the necessary willingness to work with the community to create developments that benefit everyone.

Engineering - The HILOA multi-discipline engineering manager positions our team to provide a holistic and comprehensive assessment of all components  of development contracts and delivery schedules. The oversight of the design, components deliveries, implementation, and operations of all building services enables efficiency and controls costs.


Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety Inspection - Expertise in fire and CO safety saves HILOA time and costs in the permitting processes for Class A (new construction) units, and saves time, money, and aids in purchase decisions for Class B units.


Information Technology - HILOA strives to close or eliminate the digital divide with all of its units. The team includes seasoned experts in hardware, software, infrastructure, network communication (wired and wireless), cloud storage and communications, and security (cyber and physical).

Insurance - As a nonprofit entity that uses trade personnel, managers, consultants, and service personnel and rents to tenant families, HILOA is a stickler about securing and maintaining adequate insurance coverage. Our insurance veteran consults on every project and with all contractors to make certain the proper coverages are always in place before work begins. The specific insurance coverage needed will vary depending on the type of work being done, the size of the contractor's business, and the state in which the contracted services are being delivered.

The HILOA Insurance expert brings the added benefit of also being a Security professional with expertise in physical, cyber, and surveillance insurance coverages.

Property Management - Several members of the HILOA consultative and leadership teams have residential property management experience. HILOA always, however, contracts property management (PM) responsibility to outside professionals. If the unit is a HILOA first in an area, five (5) PM firms in the area are vetted to ascertain the best entity for our needs. HILOA equips the PM to pay PITI (TI only if there is no debt servicing required), keeps six months of reserve funds on deposit with the PM, and maintains a home warranty policy on all units with the respective PM to help smooth repair costs.

Real Estate Finance - HILOA is fortunate to have several Real Estate Financial Analysts with extensive experiences in commercial and residential deals. Our team is quite adept with the analysis of all the financial aspects of real estate investments including (but not limited to):

  • Market and economic data analysis and rent projection related to investment opportunities

    Financial feasibility and appraisal analysis including cap rates and cash flow

    Capital and financial structure analysis

    Mortgage and interest rate analysis

    Ratio analysis

  • Real Estate Law - While HILOA has real estate legal counsel capabilities on the team, outside legal real estate counsel is retained for all transactions. This is a necessary expense to ensure that "arm's length" relationships are maintained for all property transactions.

  • Renewable Energy and Recycling - HILOA enjoys the presence of a C-level renewable energy (wind, solar, bio-diesel) expert as a member of the leadership team. All Class A HILOA properties are delivered Platinum LEED Certified. Class B HILOA properties are retrofitted with the most energy efficient appliances, infrastructure, and HVAC; the most efficient uses of water including low-flow and gray water usage; on-site energy storage; efficient recycling capability; and EV-charging.

    Security - The HILOA team includes a security professional with expertise in physical, cyber, and surveillance security and comprehensive knowledge of the required insurance coverages.
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