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Work Desk

Meet the Team

The HILOA Team is a group of seasoned business, engineering, and real estate professionals with at least 35 years of performance excellence in her or his respective fields. The HILOA professionals are also passionate about helping less fortunate families.  The team is 100% volunteer to this point. 

The HILOA Housing Team includes professional experts in each of the following fields:

  • Commercial and residential home inspection

  • Insurance coverage and security

  • Architecture

  • Civil engineering

  • Renewable energy 

  • Information Technology including broadband and web development

  • Fire protection

  • Non-profit organization founding and management

  • Certified Public Accounting including non-profit accounting

  • Affordable housing investment and management

  • Property management

  • Real estate finance

  • Fire safety

  • Predevelopment of the Alexandria Multifamily Complex is Complete
  • HILOA Volunteers Contributed Time, Expertise, and Personal Funds
  • The Completed Predevelopment Phase Has Neither Debt nor Charges Outstanding 


  • Predevelopment at no cost to HILOA Housing

  • Positive impact on the final cost per unit

  • Expert and highly efficient construction design



  • Volunteers include renewable and bioenergy experts

  • The building design and materials include the latest technologies in recyclable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable components

  • Construction design includes onsite energy generation and storage


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