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The HILOA Environmental Commitment

HILOA is committed to:

  • Sustaining our environment

  • Keeping our climate impact to a minimum

  • Delivering green energy-related cost savings directly to resident families, lessening the costs of housing

  • Building to rigorous environmentally friendly standards

  • Adhering to the latest and most stringent environmentally sustainable certifications 

  • Using proven state-of-the-art building design techniques and construction materials

Protecting the Environment

  • Minimum Carbon Emissions In Construction

  • Construction Practices Meet Stringent Certification Standards *

  • Environmentally Friendly Construction Materials

  • On-site Renewable Energy Generation - Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Shingles

  • On-site Power Storage

  • Energy Saver and Energy Efficient Appliances and Infrastructure

  • Electric Vehicle Charging at Parking Spaces

* Rating systems to assess environmental and sustainable building performance (BREEAM and LEED as examples)

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